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From VR to 3D Print: Art Collaboration
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Fail Harder. Fail Faster. Fail Often.


Take the BIG risk, though you may fail. Execute quickly before polish to find mistakes. Repeat immediately. We are a student ran business that does NOT promote mediocrity.

What is Grit9?

Are you a business? Technically we’re an “EdCorp” or Education Corporation. That means we are a business that is ran inside of a school classroom. We provide real world learning opportunities for high school students through the creation of websites and presenting at conferences. We focus on learning real-world “soft skills” like collaboration, communication and what it means to be a young professional. But we are more than a business.

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Ignite – Student Conference Tryouts

Six brave souls have volunteered to deliver a 5 minute Ignite speech on a topic of their choice;  20 slides, 15 seconds each auto-advanced. On Monday, Mr. Suter delivered his Ignite (“Apathy for Apathetics”). Thursday,  six students volunteered into the limelight. They are evaluated on: Presence (“the ability to project a sense of ease, poise, or self-assurance” – dictionary.com AKA, you look comfortable.) Engaging – Get the audience’s attention, and keep

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