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USA & Sweden Team Up On Programming Project

Mr. Mark Suter and Mr. Tobias Solem both teach computer programming using Unity.

Virtual Reality Training: Saving Companies Money

Students partner with local industries to develop custom employee-training apps. Inquire within.

VHS Digitization Capacity Being Doubled

Increased demand for converting various types of video tapes (VHS, Hi-8, Mini-DV) helps us expand!

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001- Choose Your Own Textbook

In Episode 1, students in the Tech and Entrepreneurship class were given a unique opportunity: Choose a textbook for yourself. Really, it’s more of a self-help book from Amazon than a textbook. Part of being entrepreneurial is taking care of yourself so that you are prepared to capitalize on opportunities outside of yourself. This episode contains the stories and choices they made. Enjoy!

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How to get Through College with Less Debt

When you’re in college you are constantly busy with classes homework and trying to keep up with your friends. With all of these going on it can be stressful worrying about all the debt you’re piling up. Many people ask themselves how to get through college without having a mountain of debt to pay off after. “Ways to make quick easy money.” An easy way to make money without using

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5 helpful Tips for Your Businesses Social Media

Do you want to help your business get noticed? Social media can help with that. Using these five tips your social media account will be great! Have you ever wondered why companies have such great social media accounts? Social media can play an important part in a business. There are so many different social media networks that you can use. Millions of people use social media everyday, and using these

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Melting My Brain Organized My Life

How Jordan Peterson taught me an antidote to chaos. Three of the Twelve rules that Jordan Peterson explains in his book, I find as a way to get out of a rut and into what I want to do with my life. Part 1: Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping In the opening to this chapter, Jordan Peterson talks about people needing medication and if they will

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Stop Standing in the Way of Yourself!

How I Got Out of My Head and Into My Life Do you sometimes get stuck in your head and keep yourself from pursuing something because you think you’re not good enough? If you answered yes, this is for you! This is how I used my “own textbook” to grow away from tearing myself down before I can work to build myself up.. “I am willing.” In the first chapter

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How Numbers Change the World

Programming is shaping the course of our universe. It’s the year 2019, and the future is creeping up on us faster and faster. Automated cars, space colonization, and foldable phones are just a small piece of the futuristic technology pie. “Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” Programming is a very fast growing profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2016 to 2026 alone

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VR in Europe: Mr. Suter’s Grant-Funded Trip

“Design your dream professional development…” “…anywhere in the world, develop yourself as a teacher. Don’t focus on the students, focus on yourself as a professional.” Those are the paraphrased instructions of the Fund For Teachers

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Emotional Intelligence is a Better Predictor of Success than Intelligence        For years people believed that the main way to find if people would be successful was to look at their IQ. More

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