A web design business that gives real world learning opportunities to students.

Design Websites

Grit 9 provides services like designing websites. We can help make a affordable and beautiful website for your company.

Redesign Websites

Is your current site a little…dated? We can help. Whether putting on a new coat of paint, or building from the ground up, we’ll make you look good.

Building young professionals, not just websites.

The best part of working with Grit9? You can have confidence that you are getting more than a website. You’re helping young people shed the moniker of student, and put on their new title of “young professional”.

100% satisfaction

Not satisfied with any part of our work or process? Don’t pay us. Or pay us less. Just make it right and don’t patronize students doing sub-par work. It encourages mediocrity and we’re not into giving participation trophies.
Fail Harder. Fail Faster. Fail Often.*

*Translation: Take the big risk, though you may fail. Execute quickly before polish to find mistakes. Repeat immediately.

Women in Business Luncheon

Emily B. Carly T. Anna R. On Thursday September 6th, we went to the Women in Business luncheon at the Chamber of Commerce. The first thing that we did was walk around and visit booths. At every booth we gave them our business card. We tried things that the women had...

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Great Expectations: The Year Ahead

Each team member was asked two questions, What do you want Grit9 to accomplish this year? What do YOU want to accomplish as an individual this year - not necessarily related to Grit9? Here are their thoughts... Mr. Suter Grit9 will: Be the reason 2 students get paid...

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Year in Review: Curry, Coconut, and Creatives

Sunset, Sunrise. The year-end meal was much like the year itself: Try new things, share stories and food, and laugh. As the "Tech + Entrepreneurship" class got together for a last hurrah before going our separate ways, the mood was jovial but bittersweet....

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VR Apps: From Consumption to Creation

The "Intro to Programming" class looks a bit different this year. Rather than following a typical ItP format that spends the majority of time solving "problems" that have no meaning to the student, we are focusing on learning the code necessary to solve...

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What is Grit9?

Are you a business? Technically we're an "EdCorp" or Education Corporation. That means we are a business that is ran inside of a school classroom. We provide real world learning opportunities for high school students through the creation of websites and presenting at...

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Just Ship It.

We received our pack of Ship It activities in the mail from the folks at Real World Scholars. Students have been busy leafing through, picking out their favorites that they'd like to do themselves. I'm not forcing any of my Grit9 students to do them, it's...

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