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Meeting Dates

(Bulldog Pd in Mr. Suter’s Room 189)

  1.  Mon 11/29 Web Design info meeting (Sign in when you walk in, attendance will be sent out)
  2. Tues 11/20 Video Editing   (Sign in when you walk in, attendance will be sent out)
  3. Thur 12/2 Business  (Sign in when you walk in, attendance will be sent out)
  4. Wed 12/8 CLUB MEETING  (Sign in when you walk in, attendance will be sent out)

What is Grit9?
A Tech and Entrepreneurship Club. We also like snacks.

What do members of Grit9 Do?
Activities may include:

  • Design and 3D print your own flower planter
  • NEW FOR 2021-2022: Develop a business plan for a product you want to invent (This is part of a larger competition ran by the state of Ohio)
  • Mock Interview for a job
  • Play “Snake Oil” to practice pitching ideas
  • Learn new skills to help the Grit9 business like web design, photo scanning, VHS to DVD conversion
  • Design your own “Passion Project”

Join the Club

1. Join Remind 

Text @gnine to 81010


3. Show Up!

Come to meetings during bulldog period with your agenda signed

Club Information

Club Member Count

Make a personal mission statement

Grit9 Officers 2021-2022

President: Maddox B.

Vice-President: Kase F.

Social Media Manager: Emmitt H.

Treasurer: Ava L.

What's Happening in T&E

My Journey – Jack Earl

   November 2nd, 2018 – Current Project: 3d Printer Setup In class currently, I have  been working on the 3d printer and have been given

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Head Roles in T&E

  1. Consult with client to create a mobile friendly, responsive website
  2. Put SEO in place, correctly, to allow higher search results
  3. Train client on website updates
  1. Take photos of meeting and guest speakers
  2. Post on Instagram and tweet on Twitter about what we’re doing in the class, with the club, and with the business
  3. Follow other social media accounts that will benefit the business
  4. Post promotions on social media
  1. Communicate with client on photo scanning and VHS conversion projects
  2. Manager photo scanning and VHS projects
  3. Communicate with team members on projects
  1. Develop plan to establish Grit9 (marketing plan)
  2. Works with the media production for marketing plan
  3. Execute the marketing plan
  4. Communicate with business, networking
  1. Send monthly report to Joel Parker
  2. Submit purchase orders and deposit customer checks into Grit9 account at the central office
  1. Set up and run VR and 3D printer
  2. Troubleshoot and fix problem

Help design and produce adverts for Grit9

  1. Design web graphics and slogans
  2. Produce quality videos and graphics
  1. Maintain records in Google Sheets on project status, payment, and who is running projects (Project Leads should be approaching you with updates)
  2. Communicate with project leaders to update Project Panorama
  3. Send remind updates to class and club

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