Grit9 needs an Elida student become familiar with using a brand new Miraco 3D scanner.

The scanner was purchased as part of a grant written by Mr. Suter from the Ohio Education Association. The 3D scanning project must be completed by Spring of 2025. 


Job Responsibilities: 

  • Learn near-field (closeup) scanning methods
  • Learn far-field (further away, whole objects) scanning methods
  • Convert scans into usable augmented reality 3D models
  • Bonus: Learn augmented reality creation software to allow users to view on smartphones OR VR headsets such as Meta Quest 3’s.


Benefits to students:

  • Real world experience useful in engineering, multimedia, and digital marketing fields
  • Resume experience
  • Opportunity to use cutting edge technologies for free (Newly released 3D scanning tech and Quest 3 VR headsets)


See Mr. Suter in Room 189 or email him from your school email.


Mark Suter
Author: Mark Suter

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