Matt is streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to YouTubeThis is to record progress of gameplay efficiency and to grow a small community surrounding the games he likesGames have always inspired Matt to find more efficient ways to beat them, which gives him competitive spirit.  His twitch is here: Twitch.TV\choomlive.

Jacob is also Streaming on Twitch and uploading videos to YouTube.  Jacob has always loved watching streamers to take a break from the stresses of realityHe wishes to be able to make fun content for other people to enjoy the same break. Here is Jacob’s Twitch:  Twitch.TV\JakeOfAllTrades_o7 

Another Matt is Building a realistic control panel for Kerbel Space Program to help him use electronics and pursue education in wiringKerbel is Matt’s favorite videogame, and it has inspired him to study the inner workings of a spaceship. 

Chloe is Putting together a collection of poems and short stories written over the past few yearsShe has continued working over the past few monthsShe feels she has been writing about everything as an escape to a happier state of mindThe name of this book is Healing Wounds.

Bryce is in the process of creating a minifigure in Masterpiece VR to print on the Ender 3, 3D printer to further his knowledge of STEAM abilities.  Masterpiece VR is an app that allows you to paint in 3D.  Once Bryce’s design is finished, the app is connected to the 3D printer so the final product can be made in real lifeThe significance of the printer is that Bryce also figured out the parts needed to fix it so he could print with it before starting the design.  

Drew is Making a short film using old-fashioned Super 8mm film from the 1960’s and 70’s. The purpose is to capture life events by creating an image that looks like forgotten memories. Drew is interested in old technology for its nostalgic feelHe is using his knowledge of old cameras to express how their film can give greater emotional value when replayed than the high-definition cameras of today. 

Ashlynn is writing a real-world mystery novel using knowledge from criminal cases and documentaries to create an accurate portrayal on the art of catching a killer.  Ashlynn is extremely interested in police investigations and feels that writing about her passion could express to others the thrill she gets from themThe book’s title is A Winter’s Wrath. 

Landon is Making a website to publish art portfolio and work for commissions.  Landon is passionate about drawing to create and recreate characters.  His favorite inspirations for drawing are the “Dragon Ball” franchise, as well as other works of science fiction. Landon decided to make a profitable website, making character art and graphic designs for commissions.  Here is his website:

Jasury is building a shelf to create a take-a-book-leave-a-book system in the Elida Elementary School.  This is to encourage children to read and develop an interest in reading.  In a world of visual media taking place in so many forms, developing this interest at a young age is important because the value of books is more easily impressed upon children at younger stages of life. 

Mark Suter
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