Fixing the Silence

The Political Left

Thinking independently is difficult in a time were saying the wrong thing can dramatically alter the public perception of a person. In The Authoritarian Moment, by Ben Shapiro, he focusses on exactly how the silent majority was silenced by the political left. Besides the political aspects in this book it is also a great book for understanding manipulation, and how powerful people in the world remain on top. One of these means being manipulating the public into believing certain things, in order to sway their opinions. Regardless of the beliefs being true or not. Then they will silence truth tellers or any opposing opinions. This allows the left to maintain the top.


This books uses the 2020 election to explain how the left has been silencing the right for years. Shapiro explains how trump was being framed leading up to the election and during. Using their leads in big industry the left labeled trump as a bigot on social media. This was done to cause trump’s following to decrease, but given the fact that it didn’t the left needed a new way to silence their opponent. So they decided to remove Trump from all forms of social media. In retaliation Trump was gonna use a different platform to communicate his story to the public. Shortly later the new platform was then deleted. This then silenced Trump from being able to share his political beliefs, and made his supporters appear as outcasts.

“Or the monolithic leftist who dominate the top echelons of nearly every powerful institution in American society, and who frequently use their power to silence their opinion.” – Ben Shapiro

Stop the Silence

My main take away from this book is understanding. Understanding that people are corrupt, and corrupt people play smart tactics. What the left has done to Trump took a lot of time and skill. To silence him, and make false claims without putting any negative pressure on themselves is a tough job. Which they played to a large amount of success. As a supporter of Trump and more importantly his economical opinions I also feel silenced because of the bad association with Trump that the left has placed on him. This is why this book is so important because after understanding exactly what happened, Shapiro offers a solution. That solution being stand up and speak. Don’t be silent to your own opinion its unamerican. In fact Shapiro states that the majority of the U.S is silenced and that is the true issue. If the majority stood up instead of holding back in fear from being canceled in mass media, then the majority could make a change. A change to secure the first amendment because the silence is destroying the rights in America and forming an Authoritarian.

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