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What Makes Everything Run



My passion for a while has been electronics and technology and with that comes with getting the technology! Two years ago I got my first computer and if you know anything about computers for gaming it’s best to build your own, so before prices became outrageous I built my first computer with the help of my friend Dylan. After that I became very appreciative and interested with things I build myself for daily use.

Where Everything Must Lie

So stated before the first really big DIY thing I did was build my computer, but you need space to put a computer. Then lead to me making a desk with my father, he has done woodworking his whole life and recently got into resin woodwork. With this new form of woodworking we found, I got very interested and made a full “L” desk for my room. 

Why a Keyboard?

If you know anything about keyboards you most likely can tell that the keyboard in the desk picture isn’t custom, if you didn’t notice you are probably looking now. So surfing the internet I stumbled upon custom keyboards and it really stuck to me as using a computer almost every day having the ability to change the feeling, look, and sound of your keyboard was awesome. That’s where my passion project came in which was to make my own custom keyboard.

What is Happening?

Keyboards Plate

The picture above is my old keyboard before I built my new one. To start off I had to get the knowledge and by that I watched a lot of YouTube videos from Hipyo Tech and Switch and Click! I stayed with the theme of purple and blue and got a Violet KBD75 Keyboard Kit which came with the case, PCB, and plate. 


How Does a Keyboard Work?

When it comes to any mechanical keyboard there are key switches under every key cap, these are what after being pressed activate a key press. There typically three categories of switches, Tactile which when pressed has a bump so it feels like two presses at once, Clicky which are the loud clicky ones, then the ones I chose are Linear which are more smooth feeling and a better sound overall. My linear switches are Banana Split which look really cool and sound amazing. Also a mod you can do to switches are opening them and adding switch lube to make things slide better and sound good. 

The Finishing Touch

Image By: GloriousPC

After having all of the keyboard all put together there was the final touch. I at first had a keycap set that was purple and light blue the colors I wanted but all the keys didn’t fit. I went looking and found this cool set called Nebula so it already matches my space/galaxy theme. These feel nice to the touch and are a cool gradient to help finish off the over all look of the keyboard. 

Kase Fletcher
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