Latch Hook & Self-Improvement Journaling

Goals for the Year

In the Technology and Entrepreneurship class, students choose a project of their interest to complete throughout the school year. At the second semester, they also choose a book to read to enhance their leadership/business skills.

For my project, I am creating a rug-like tapestry out of small pieces of yarn, which is done through a process called Latch Hook. I started this project many years ago, but I never got close to finishing it, as I tend to abandon projects that seem too hard. This habit, among others, is what inspired me to choose a self-improvement journal for my second semester book. I want to get rid of my bad habits so that I can be the best version of me.

Self-Improvement Journaling

Throughout my whole life I’ve been more of an introvert than extrovert. I am insecure about many of my qualities and I struggle to think of solutions to my own problems in life. I’ve always wanted to change how I am in these aspects, so I decided to get a journal to reflect my thoughts and experiences into in hopes of improving myself socially and mentally.

In this journal created by Monica Sweeney, each page has some sort of quote, message, or writing prompt to make you reflect on how you are as a person. I believe that the goal of this journal is to make you see yourself in a different light to understand how to improve your lifestyle and overall morale. Although each page is colorful and goofy, they actually make very good points and can leave you thinking about yourself and your actions. 

As I’ve been filling out the pages of this journal with things about me and my feelings, I take what each page says and means into consideration so that I can apply them to my daily routine.

“Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ And if they would, then I do not do that thing.” -A quote from my self-improvement journal that is originally from The Office TV show

The Eight-Year-Old Project

Around eight years ago, I decided to create a latch hook tapestry for my dad to give to him on Father’s Day since it was a picture of a big white tiger, and he loves tigers. At the time, Father’s Day was about a month away, so I’m not sure how I thought I’d finish it in time, considering it was almost my height back then. As Father’s Day approached, I had next to nothing completed, so I decided to shove it in my closet and not work on it any longer.

Recently I found the project again and got the urge to try and complete it, for I have never been able to complete a big project that requires a lot of time to do it. The latch hook tapestry was also the perfect project to attempt, because I was having trouble thinking of what I could do for my passion project in my T&E class. 

At the time am writing this, I am about 65% done with the latch hook tiger. In between working on it, I have also been filling out my self-improvement journal. I believe that working on the two at the same time was an amazing idea, for the journal inspires me to keep on latch-hooking. There have been times where I want to abandon the project due to finger cramps and remembering the sheer size of it, but I trudge on, as I want to see this project through and be able to see it hanging proudly on a wall. 

I believe that finishing this tapestry will create a sense of accomplishment in me and will inspire me to finish more things after I start them instead of believing it to be too hard. Similar to how my journal uses the quote below, I can’t do anything, such as start new projects, unless I actually act on them and don’t just let them collect dust in a closet.

"While dreams are the heart and soul of any new idea, of any new adventure, or of any bridge you haven't yet crossed, they're also completely useless if you don't do anything with them" -Monica Sweeney's Journal.

Ava Long
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