VR Job Training Simulations Project


The Why:

The objective is to position students as creators of professional VR content for actual community clients. 

We started by pitching our idea with the local chamber of commerce. They agreed to give us 5 minutes at an upcoming chamber meeting to pitch to the attending businesses & organizations. We have one opportunity, to seize everything we ever wanted, in one moment. Will we capture it?

Interested in partnering with us to build a VR simulation?

email: grit9design@gmail.com

Bringing industry leading tech from London to Elida, OH!

Example Project

An example is auto manufacturing. This one was created by a student in Spring 2021.

Real World Job Training at GM
We first determine with the client what the essential elements are of the training. Muscle memory? Sequencing? Visual Feedback?
Example "essential step"
Use the drill to tighten the nuts on the bolt.
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Paper Prototyping
We 3D print or use actual paper and cardboard to build a model to "act out" the steps the user will do in VR. (This step is borrowed from Jesse Schell's book "The Art of Game Design" as they do this step in their own company, Schell Games)
Acting out the steps the VR user will perform
Build the VR prototype
We build a functioning "greybox" prototype that may be ugly, but the point is to test function, then make it pretty.


This past Friday, student Riley Mick and I pitched to our local chamber of commerce, seeking partnerships to make job training simulations for.