It is crazy to think that my senior year has ended they way it did. All of the Grit9 memories will be cherished until I leave this earth. This experience was not just a normal high school class to me, it taught who I am suppose to be and it taught me lessons that I will tell my kids. As high school students, we are taught that failing is bad, but is it really? If you fail, that only means keep failing, don’t just say, ” Okay well it is not meant for me”, if you fail in life that is the best type of lesson. Failing is only a roadblock to success, if you are afraid to fail then you are afraid to be successful. I am still at the beginning of my journey, everyday we have a chance to fail and be successful, if you come to the point where you are not afraid if it is either one then that is when are dangerous and you know your worth. This opportunity has taught more about myself than anything else the past 12 years. This quarantine has made me miss my Grit9 family more than anything. As all good things come to an end, the great things will never be forgotten. I could sit here and type for hours and it still would not be enough, I am so blessed to be apart of something that breaks the social norm, thank you.

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