Mason’s Life Throughout a Pesky Virus

Day 5: No Sports, No Food, No Fun

Hello everyone! I am doing well currently as I type this. I am bored out of my mind with no March Madness going on currently. All of the food places closed down except carryout and drive-thrus. I have resorted to doing my school work and playing PlayStation 4. I have even started to workout more at my house due to the gyms closing down. I took my great grandmother shopping the other day and it was so hectic. It looked like Black Friday. I just recently asked NBA legend Mark Eaton to smack croutons out of the air for $27. Things are great still, but I hope things go back to normal here soon. Miss you guys!

March 26, 2020

I’m doing my blog post update now to save time from the load of assignments I have due tomorrow. I am applying Ken’s ideals of changing your mindset in my everyday life. I always would tell myself that I would never be able to stay healthy in a situation like this. Now, I workout everyday in the morning and right before I go to bed. I realized this is the perfect time to try and get into shape because I would be able to cut out a lot of the junk food that I eat (fast food) and I don’t have a lot of other things going on at the moment. I have been trying to eat things in moderation and try more healthy alternatives. I have been trying to figure out a way to set up a livestream for college. I want to start vlogging my daily life in college to keep my family posted on what I do and to entertain myself when I look back on my life. This is out of my comfort zone because I struggle to talk to people in front of a camera. I’ve recently just started my book that we purchased in Grit9. It connects to a lot of ideals that were presented by our guest speaker. The first chapter deals with our conscious and unconscious mind. It deals with changing our mindset on things and how we are driven in life. Another big point they talk about later on which made sense to me was where our mind is living. If we are living in the past, we are depressed. If we are living in the future, we are anxious. If we are living in the present, we are at peace. I always think living in the present is the best way to enjoy life. Here’s my update to you.

Passion Project Update #1:

Hello! Since the last time we spoke I have done some research on Twitch and live streaming. I have understood that it can be hard to make live streaming a living, but can’t be too hard to make it a hobby. My big fear is streaming and something racist or stupid to happen. I’m planning on starting up my twitch channel here sometime this week.