Chamber Breakfast Meeting

On the 31st of January seven students from our Technology & Entrepreneurship class went to the Chamber of Commerce Breakfast at the Lima Civic Center where local business professionals come to engage with other professionals and learn new tactics on how to better their own businesses.

Something we all gained from this experience is how many great opportunities business has to offer for many age groups. We all loved talking to all the professionals and learning new things about the business world and how it works.

As students striving to become professionals, we learned exactly how broad business can be and how many opportunities could be given because of the extensive amount of channels. We grasped the idea of how much there is to do for a business in order to become successful and recognized in a community. Most of us stepped out of our comfort zone and spoke to older, more experienced business professionals. We all made an effort to converse with other attendees and developed networking skills that are valuable to us as individuals. It was a struggle for most of us to go up to a complete stranger and confer in a professional manner, but taking that risk helped us progress with our communication skills. One objective we all understood from this experience is that if you don’t communicate, you will miss out on a perfect chance that could lead to individual success or success as a business. Even one student’s main goal was to expand our student run-business through networking at the chamber breakfast.

Insights From Students

The point of attending the breakfast was to completely leave our comfort zone and take action with other businesses. The first thing that we feared was that the business meeting was entirely unpredictable, and we did not know what to expect. It was a challenge to approach an unfamiliar face and speak clearly. A struggle we all faced was the fact we had to walk around a substantial group of professionals as younger, less experienced students; the environment itself was slightly intimidating. It was hard trying to find someone to network with while most people were already talking to each other. However, it was all worth it, and the minor anxiety we all possessed was only temporary. This is an experience that we all agreed is very useful for any occupation whether it was developing social skills or learning how to network with other business officials.

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