Our Experiences at the Women in Business Conference

On December 5th 2019, five members of Grit 9 attended the Women in Business Conference at the Lima Civic Center. This conference opens up new doors for students to get experience in the real world with many different businesses, to help with communication skills, and to network.

Insights from Students

Two of the five members wrote a short paragraph of their experience at the conference and they are listed below.

Zoriya Pelayo (Vice President Of Grit 9) – I really enjoyed going to the women in business conference, it’s such an easy way to create new relationships with people and get a taste of the real world. I want to major in business when I go to college and really have an interest in everything about business.  When I first walked into the conference room the booth that caught my eye was a CBD oil stand. CBD oil is extracted from marijuana leaves and helps with depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s Disease, migraines, soreness and many other medical problems. I have always been interested in CBD due to  it’s health benefits and how it could help people. I talked with the two owners of the stand, who were husband and wife and really hit it off with the both of them. They told me more about their product and gave me a job offer in their business, which really excites me. We exchanged contact information and will be in touch. I’m very thankful for having the opportunity of being able to go to this conference and meeting so many amazing people.

Alyssa Jagger (Treasurer of Grit 9)-The Women In Business meetings were a great learning experience for me. All of the meetings have business booths that network with you before lunch. The first meeting I attended there was multiple female guest speakers, and they either had a business they wanted to promote or very inspiring, motivational stories. The second was entirely networking with the guests and the businesses that were being sponsored. I enjoyed both meetings, even though I was slightly out of my comfort zone because I was surrounded by a more experienced, older women.


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