Emotional Intelligence is a Better Predictor of Success than Intelligence

       For years people believed that the main way to find if people would be successful was to look at their IQ. More recently it was discovered that emotional intelligence is better, it shows your ability to communicate and recognize social situations around you. Unlike IQ, EIQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) can be trained to become better at, it’s a flexible skill. 

The Background of Emotional Intelligence

       Awareness of EQ increased for many years after the discovery of its helpfulness in life. People found ways to improve and use EQ tips in their everyday life to the point of the average EIQ being an 80. In recent times though, EQ awareness has gone down and thus, so has the average EIQ. With the fall in EIQ kids have shown more of a lack in organizational skills and emotional recognition. EQ is divided into four categories: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Increasing your Personal Competence

       Personal Competence consists of self-awareness and self-management. They help you more individually than they do with interactions with other people. It is the ability to stay aware and of the emotions that you have and manage your behavior and tendencies. There are tons of ways to increase these skills, such as leaning into your discomfort (self-awareness), knowing what your values are at all times (self-awareness), allowing yourself time for problem solving (self-management), and controlling your thoughts (self-management). Leaning into your discomfort allows you to try new things and find out what your biggest weaknesses are. It also helps build up those weaknesses so if the time comes that you have to face one, you’re prepared. Knowing what your values are at all times allows you to remember why you’re doing the things you do. It helps you to stay motivated and stay on track to get things done. Moving on to self-management strategies, allowing yourself time for problem solving helps you to think back through the tough decisions you made in your day. It helps you figure out what reactions you get out of certain things and how you respond. It also helps you think through the tough situations you were in and how you got through them. Finally, control your thoughts. Controlling your thoughts helps you also control your feelings. There is a direct link between what you think and how you feel, physically and emotionally. If you constantly think negatively about your self and what you’re doing you’ll feel it. It will damage your ability to self manage and thus impact how well you work. Keeping things more on the positive side, physically, and emotionally, helps you perform better. Following just these few simple tips will help you become more aware, and feel more organized and managed.

Increasing your Social Competence

     Social competence, like personal competence, is composed of two areas, social awareness and relationship management. This his you develop more healthy outer habits towards the people around you and better manage your social life. One way to increase your social awareness is to greet people by their names. It may seem simple and stupid, but it actually breaks down barriers and allows you to seem warm and inviting. It also helps you to stay connected to the person by allowing you to remember their name better. Another way to increase social awareness is to practice listening. Listening consists of more than just hearing the words. Listen for the tone, speed, and volume. You might catch an unsaid cue about their mood or how they feel about what they’re talking about. Relationship management is the worst category for kids. Over the years kids have gotten worse and having a good relationship with peers and coworkers. A simple way to help with this is to build trust. Open communication and willingness to share help build trust, but be careful it can disappear in an instant if you do something to hurt it. The final piece of advice is to explain your decision instead of just making them. Tell people why you made the decision you did and why it’s the best solution. People like the transparency and honesty.

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