When you’re in college you are constantly busy with classes homework and trying to keep up with your friends. With all of these going on it can be stressful worrying about all the debt you’re piling up. Many people ask themselves how to get through college without having a mountain of debt to pay off after.                           

“Ways to make quick easy money.”

    An easy way to make money without using up much time is to donate plasma. You can donate two times every seven days with at least one day in the middle at certain private centers. At BioLife you can donate once every twenty-eight days. By donating plasma you can make up to $400 a month.

    Another way to make money while in college is to wrap your car in advertisement. With Wrapify.com you can make $200 a month to let them wrap your car in advertisement. The price can vary in both directions based on how much they put on your car, how much you drive, and if you drive in populated areas.

    A third way to make money while in college is setting up a Swagbucks account. Swagbucks is completely online and once you sign up you will receive a ten dollar bonus. After that all you do is watch videos and take surveys online. Based on how much you watch and how many surveys you take you’ll earn money to your account which can then be spent on gift cards to restaurants or many other places.

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