Do you want to help your business get noticed? Social media can help with that. Using these five tips your social media account will be great!

Have you ever wondered why companies have such great social media accounts? Social media can play an important part in a business. There are so many different social media networks that you can use. Millions of people use social media everyday, and using these five tips can help your business get noticed.

“Social media can be a powerful tool to listen to, engage with and gain access to customers that you would otherwise not be able to connect with.” -Carol Roth


So many people use social media in this day and age. Advertising for small businesses can add up to a lot of money. One way people use social media is to advertise their business for free. Using your social media to advertise is a great idea! If you wanted to pay a little bit of money you can promote your posts to get more attention. Here are Five Helpful Tips for Your Businesses Social Media:


1.  Build a Credible Reputation

  • You don’t need to connect with everyone — just the RIGHT ones
  • Start by building your brand
  • Use the design that matches your business and persona

2. Attract Potential Clients

  • Use your social media to explain what your business is
  • Use good-looking pictures
  • Promote events that your business is running
“Instead of getting discouraged when a promising tweet doesn’t rack up the likes and retweets, pay attention to the clicks and check how long people stay on the page after coming from social. If your post is generating strong engagement, don’t worry so much about the superficial stats.” – Tallie Gabriel

3. Connect with Like-Minded Businesses

  • Make time every week to work on your content
  • Reach out and ask and answer questions from other businesses
  • This will make important connections from your business

4. Know what you are Posting

  • Don’t post things that do not apply to your business
  • Don’t post things that you would not want tied to your business
  • Post about upcoming events or new products

5. Get the Word Out

  • Let your customers know about your accounts
  • Place your username on fliers and business cards you pass out
  • Keep your username the same for all the varieties of accounts so customers don’t get confused
“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, plus a social media overreaction.” – anonymous

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