How I Got Out of My Head and Into My Life


Do you sometimes get stuck in your head and keep yourself from pursuing something because you think you’re not good enough? If you answered yes, this is for you! This is how I used my “own textbook” to grow away from tearing myself down before I can work to build myself up..


"I am willing."

In the first chapter of his book, Gary John Bishop explains what it means to be willing or unwilling. Are you willing to make that change? Are you willing to put in the hard work? Or are you unwilling? For me, I was unwilling to do a lot for a while, and sometimes I still am. About a year ago, I told myself I needed to get a job. I told myself I would fill out as many applications as I could in order to get that job, but I always made up an excuse as to why I couldn’t. I was too busy. I had too many other things to worry about. I wasn’t old enough. I didn’t like the place or know anyone there. All my excuses led to me not being able to get a job for over a year. This was until I told myself I was going to get applications filled out and turned in, and I did. I became willing. I applied to multiple places, and then I got the job I had been waiting for. I was willing to put in the work, and I continue to put in the work to get and keep this job. Granted it’s not a very hard or timely job, but it’s perfect for me!

I still can be unwilling sometimes though. I find myself unwilling to do what it takes to get into a healthier, better shape. I am unwilling to put myself forth in most situations, especially when they are uncomfortable to me. This is okay though! Realizing that you are unwilling means you are checking in with yourself and thinking of the things that you truly want and what you are willing, or unwilling in this case, to do.

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