Recently a Web Design company in California contacted Grit9 and asked for some help with issues they were having along the line of business. The company “25Design” is a student-ran company right out of the classroom very similar to Grit9. They had contacted us asking for help, tips, and basic information on how to get better at what they do and how to improve their business.

25Design in Oceanside, California
Young entrepreneurs speaking over the internet to 25Design.

"You guys (Grit9) are like a well-oiled machine"

     One of the students in 25Design complemented Grit9 on our work and the way we run our business. This was during one of our many “Google Meeting” calls with 25Design where we (Grit9) gave our input and insight on their business and how we could help improve what they do and how they do it. Not only did we help them, but they helped us as well giving their opinions on what we could also do to get better. All in all, it was a great learning experience for both Grit9 and 25Design , but more importantly it was a real-world experience for students.

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