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“Choose a non-fiction book to better yourself”

Our Textbooks

These were the only instructions. Another opportunity afforded by the web design and photo-scanning work that we do has manifested; this time in the form of…”textbooks”. This did not need to revolved around technology or even entrepreneurship. The very process of them taking an honest look at what they need for themselves is being entrepreneurial. Students chose what matters to them, not what matters to me.

These ARE our textbooks.

Each student is asked to take the skills they learned (Such as Sketchnoting from last week where we watched this tutorial, then practiced visual note taking on this 5 minute video from Ted) and complete 3 things:

  1. Update their blog post with visuals and book review (including what ACTIONS they will take as a result of reading the book)
  2. Be a guest on the Grit9 Podcast with me, Mr. Suter, about the book.
    1. Why this book?
    2. How is it impacting you so far?
    3. What actions are you taking as a result of your book?
  3. Write a note on the inside jacket to keep it in the Grit9 Library for future readers. If they want to keep theirs, Grit9 buys a spare copy.

The initial response has been very positive. Students frequently ask, “Can we read our books today?”. I’m already seeing some initial fruits come of this experiment of textbook self-choice in that they are more engaged in what they are learning.

Coming Soon: Podcast of student interviews.

Mark Suter
Author: Mark Suter

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