Back when I joined Grit9, I thought that I would have been specializing and working in the web design department. I even offered to teach the web design Grit9 club. However, as time went on and I worked more and more with web design, I found myself not being motivated; not having fun. However, I thought this was what people wanted of me so I slogged on, trying to prove to myself that this is what I was meant for in Grit9. Eventually though, I broke. I couldn’t bring myself to do it anymore. So, I dropped not only my web design job, but the role of teacher in the club as well. During this time without a role, however, I experimented with a bunch of different things in an attempt to find something that clicked with me. Normally, I’m more of a programmer when it comes to working and stuff like this, so I tried to find something programming related that would also benefit Grit9. However, there wasn’t really anything practical relating to it that would benefit Grit9. Eventually, however, Jack brought up the idea of custom printed ornaments. This is when I had a great idea; I would use my Blender skills and join the 3D printing department as its head designer and modeler. This is currently what I am doing in Grit9.

So, the 3D printing stuff didn’t go as well as Jack and I had hoped, but that doesn’t really bother me. Instead, I’ve started working on my passion project. I am learning c# and hoping to have a fully playable demo of the game by the end of the school year. In other news, I’ve been reading Think and Grow Rich, which has been a pretty alright read so far (bar the uh… stereotyping in the book.) The life advice given within the novel is really nice and I hope to start applying it to my own life as soon as possible.