November 2nd, 2018 – Current Project: 3d Printer Setup

In class currently, I have  been working on the 3d printer and have been given full management of the 3d printer and the area that it resides in. On November 2nd I will be building the filament storage unit that we will be using to make sure the filament does not get saturated and stop working correctly. I will be heading most of  the 3d printing meetings for the club as well. One of my plans is to fully refine the queue I have created to prevent backups.

Jack Earl 11/2/2018

    November 8th, 2018 – Current Project: 3d Ornament Sale Planning

The filament storage container is finished!!! With that project done, I am starting the next right up…Planning for the sale of 3d Printed Christmas tree ornaments! We (Connor and I) are currently in the planning phases and are working on the 3d modeling of the ornaments! In other news, WLIO is coming in today to interview Mr. Suter and I about 3d printing!

Future Plans:
  • Refining the queue
  • Create an order form for the ornaments
  • Calculate prices for ornaments
Update 11/9

The news people came and interviewed Kami, Mr. Suter, and I. The story ended up looking very good. You can see it on the Hometown Stations website.


November 23, 2018 – The Launch

The ornaments have launched!!! You can now purchase them from or the store button on the menu!! I have also begun work on a secret personal project that qualifies as my passion project.

Future Projects Include
  • Making another filament storage box for the Media Center and possibly one more for Grit9’s use
  • Fully refining the queue
  • Learning to fully 3d model in Blender (maybe)

Jack Earl 11/23/18 Last Edit: 11/23/18

December 20, 2018 – The Launch (Part 2 of 3)

All of our 3d products have launched!!! Go to or! Passion project continues as does

Previously launched things this past month includes

Jack Earl 12/20/2018

February 24, 2019 – Choose Your Own Textbook

Wow, this hasn’t been updated in a while, whoops.

Bad News: The 3d print project has been archived…

Just recently Mr. Suter has introduced what I am calling the “Choose your own Textbook initiative” where we, as students, have chosen our own “textbooks”. I personally have chosen Jordan Peterson’s ‘Twelve Rules For Life: A guide to escaping chaos’. Everyone else in the group chose a different book and we have now been challenged to write a blog post about them with something that stood out to us. or really mattered to us. This “initiative” is something that I believe truly only works in a classroom such as this one, where there isn’t a by-the-book curriculum. In any other class, the textbook used needs to be either similar or the same for all students due to the testing and learning requirements. This initiative would be amazing to see in other classrooms, however it is unlikely it will be implemented.

On an unrelated note:

If you need a video edited check out

Jack Earl 2/24/2019

The Delphos CCSC

Recently, Grit9 visited the Delphos Career Connections Student Center are wrote a report about how we could improve the center, Connor and I wrote and researched a few things about eSports for the center. We talked about how the center could get sponsors for tournaments that could be hosted there. However, the project does come at a large cost, which we are trying to offset with the help of sponsors.

In other news, we have been working with Business Model Canvases to learn about other businesses and how to improve Grit9.

Jack Earl 3/22/2019

The Grit9 Merch Store!!

Connor, Nick and I have launched the Grit9 merch store!! We have all kinds of clothes and other merchandise!! Other than that, nothing much has happened around here. Caio!

Jack Earl 4/23/2019