Grit9 Cold Calls


Recently in Grit9 a couple of students (including me) have been making cold calls in class. The cold calls are used to connect with small businesses in the area and aid them in certain ways. One of the ways we help them is by walking them through a step by step process on how to fix or create a GYBO or a “Get your business online.” What it does is change your google results so that your business and businesses information is at the top of the google results and that it is correct.


Quick Update – Recently in Grit9 we have been completing many photo scan projects. We have finished three photo scan projects for clients in the past couple weeks. We have also been updating our portfolio pages on the Grit9 website. I also spent the time to edit the home page of the Grit9 website and make minor changes while fellow classmates of mine also spent time on elementor editing and updating the rest of our website. I have also been reading the nonfiction book Grit9 bought for me and the other classmates and have been learning and bettering myself through that.


Recently in Grit9 we have been collaborating with the Delphos Career Connections Student Center or the CCSC. Grit9 took an interest in them a couple weeks ago and we decided we would contact them on a few things. Well one thing led to another and now Grit9 will be collaborating with them and helping them decide what they should do with their nice Innovation Center. We will be helping them set up and run events in the future hopefully. Grit9 has already made a trip over to take inventory on everything in the center and taken a look around. I’m personally hoping this leads to big things! We already have some great ideas.


In Grit9 we have recently been learning about processes and how they are important for businesses. We have been creating our own processes for different things we do in Grit9. I think this will really help Grit9 in the future and I think it really benefited the team and students.


As the year comes to the close I’ve been working on a project for Grit9 in the summer. Grit9 is going to be paying for a booth at the Allen County Fair this summer in hopes to help spread the word of what we do and tell others about our experience at Grit9. I’ve been in charge of anything related to the project including designing pamphlets, ordering stickers, posters, balloons, helium and other things. 

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