Recently we have had a few couch talks to figure out what everybody wants. The question was asked, “What do you want to do in this class?” The question was hard and stumped most of us. Our responses we gave were mostly the average answers you would give but we were asked to be more in depth. Do we want it to be a business or a class. We also had a previous talk about why, what, and how. People use these in different ways in marketing but the most successful go from why out, instead what in. Why is why you do something, what’s your motivation. How is how you create it and distribute it, and what is what you make or do. Image result for how what why



Web Design

The first new web client is in the works and we are developing processes that we can follow. We currently have the proposal done and need to finish design and create. Once this is complete we will be able to have a way to track what we’re doing for web design.

I plan to make at least three websites for clients and become proficient in wordpress and elementor.




The client came in and we discussed what we were planning on doing with him. He gave us some ideas of what he wanted and we agreed on the price. Over the couple days following we emailed him to clear up some details and keep him informed on what we were doing. We are currently making good progress and hope to keep this pace up.

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