Photo Scanning, Cold Calls and choose your own textbook

I spent the first nine weeks of school working on scanning photos. The Ohio School Board Association had Grit9 scan the photos and move them onto a flash drive for them. I chose to take the lead on this project. More recently we had more photo scanning jobs. We just finished our 4th photo scanning job of the year. With this 4th job it put our profit up to almost fourteen hundred dollars for the year which is 400 dollars above our goal. On top of that I have worked on cold calls.A cold call is calling a business and trying to sell a service. A cold call for us was a free service where we tried to help business update there google results. The cold calls have not been the best , but are slowly getting better. We also just started reading a book of our choice which should better us in one way or another. I chose the book Start With Why. The book shows you ways to get stuff done faster and for the final product to be better if you just start your whole project with one question in mind. Why do I want to do this? After reading some of this book i found myself asking myself why am i doing this. Once I started doing this i found myself not only pushing myself harder, but always enjoying it the whole time knowing that in the end when i accomplish my goal it will all be worth it.

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