11/1/2018: At the club meeting on Tuesday, Carly and I talked about the business skill meetings that have happened so far. Carly did most of the talking, so I wish I would have talked more about what we have done throughout the year. Even though I haven’t went to any of the actual business skills meetings because of marching band, I still helped plan all of the meetings.

3/4/2019: I believe that the book I choose was a very good choice. The book talks about the five principles for a life of breakthroughs and purpose. The book is called Be Fearless. Each of the five principles is a section in the book, that includes chapters of life stories and helpful tips. The book is not challenging to read but it challenges you as a person.

4/24/2019: When Mr. Suter told us we needed to choose our own textbook, I choose the book Be Fearless by Jean Case. Throughout the book it give five principles for a life of breakthroughs and purpose. There are a total of five parts of the book, that has five chapters. Each part is a different life lesson. Throughout each chapter it tells many different peoples life stories. The people come from many different backgrounds and from very different situations.

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