Great Expectations: The Year Ahead

Great Expectations: The Year Ahead

Each team member was asked two questions,

  1. What do you want Grit9 to accomplish this year?
  2. What do YOU want to accomplish as an individual this year – not necessarily related to Grit9?

    Gummy corn on a stick starts the year off right.

Here are their thoughts…

Mr. Suter

Grit9 will:

  • Be the reason 2 students get paid internship/work in their field.
  • Have 30 students average attendance at Grit9 meetings for the year.
  • Net $10,000.
  • Have every Tech+Entrepreneurship student earns the Master Badge in our gamified curriculum,
  • Complete all 100 Ship It cards
  • Produce 18 podcast episodes around meaningful topics including 3 “leadership” (or other business topic) guests hosts, depression/anxiety in students, and showing off VR innovations.
  • Have a visible signage in the hallway to communicate reasons to get involved with Grit9

I will:

  • Be a better leader by helping all T+ E students identify “above the line” and “below the line” behaviors, as indicated in their journals/notes.
  • Earn more expertise in WordPress by completing an online course (Udemy, MOOC, etc.)
  • Assist 5 other EdCorps getting started/moving forward via EdSpace or Skype.

Connor M.

  • Expand the services we provide to customers.
  • Have at least 10 of our customers recommend us to other people in a row.

Carly T.

  • For Grit9, I would like to expand our audience through social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • I want our customers to feel more comfortable and have a great experience with us.  

Nick N.

  • Grit9 must establish and create more connections with people in business and with people who matter.
  • Also must establish a larger image within the school.

Noah B.

  • Travel to a convention where we get the chance to talk about Grit9 to people from around the state or even the country.
  • Would like to become known better throughout the school to attract more members.

Jack E.

  • To grow students experience in technology, open up the world of business, and to help them become the next generation of entrepreneurs through helping businesses secure their places in the 21st century through web design, document scanning, and the updating of resources.

Emily B.

  • Talk to people about what we do
  • talk to local businesses to see how they got from where they started to where they are now

Preston L.

  • Grit9 will become autonomous as class and individuals
  • I will complete the DAP (doctors apprentice program) and watch surgeries in the operating room with doctor associate

AnnaMarie R.

  • Grit9 will find two clients who challenge our web design abilities
  • Grit9 will continue to work together to grow our business, meaning getting more people involved and advertising ourselves more in order to get more clients

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