Sunset, Sunrise.

The year-end meal was much like the year itself: Try new things, share stories and food, and laugh.

As the “Tech + Entrepreneurship” class got together for a last hurrah before going our separate ways, the mood was jovial but bittersweet. This group has gelled over the school year like every manager and coach wants. These seniors cite the reasons for that being the variety of personalities, skill sets, and most of all, the willingness to take risks with the expectation they will be supported, not ridiculed. This is a trust-based class. The trust proportionately increases as we clarify and align our goals, then endure hardship as teammates. Several of the group are varsity athletes going on to play at the college level and have experienced this “Team Chemistry” phenomenon, and now all of them have tasted the bitter sweetness of its closure.


The Year in Numbers

  • 15 – percent of our budget allocated to scholarships (from end-of-year net)
  • 15,800 – pictures scanned
  • 6.5 – websites completed (one client closed shop halfway)
  • 5 – presentations delivered with students at conferences and events
  • 1 – number of students that attended Tech + Entrepreneurship class but was not in the class.

Year Summary

It was the first “official” year for Grit9, as the 2016-17 year was “building the plane as we fly it”, integrating Grit9 projects into classes obscure as Game Design (“We’re uhhh, making a website so we know how to make a website for our game.”).

Fall (Aug-Nov 2017) – Adjustment period

This was the first time Grit9 had dedicated class time to operate, in a course called “Tech + Entrepreneurship”. We had an intriguing task in front of us – succeed at running a web design business. To do that, we looked at:

  • Q1: What is “success”? Money? Number of clients? Lessons learned?
  • Q2: What will guide our decision making on “What do we do now?”

What the students and I came up with:

  • A1: Success is answering “yes” to “Did you make and feel a positive impact?”
  • A2: Our Business Model Canvas

Defining roles and responsibilities for officers. Formalizing contracts for clients, Determining interest areas for product specialization.

(post is in process, 6-22-18)

Connections in California

      Recently a Web Design company in California contacted Grit9 and asked for some help with issues they were having along the line of business. The company "25Design" is a student-ran company right out of the classroom very similar to Grit9. They had contacted us...

SXSWedu – Game Design Presentations

The new "Game Design Pipeline:Start middle school or new high school students in Ready Maker (, a cute little brother to UnityTransition from Ready Maker in Unity's Playground ProjectUse the new Unity "Learn" platform (Launching June 2019) to transition...

Choose Your Own Textbook

"Choose a non-fiction book to better yourself" These were the only instructions. Another opportunity afforded by the web design and photo-scanning work that we do has manifested; this time in the form of..."textbooks". This did not need to revolved around technology...

My Journey – Nick Niebel

Quick Update - Recently in Grit9 we have been completing many photo scan projects. We have finished three photo scan projects for clients in the past couple weeks. We have also been updating our portfolio pages on the Grit9 website. I also spent the time to edit the...

My Journey – AnnaMarie Rose

Advertising: During Tip Off a few students and I helped work a booth. We used this booth to pass out flyers and stickers to help spread our name into the local area. This let people from neighboring schools (Bath, Shawnee, and LCC) hear about our company and what we...

Grit9: Winter Sale!

Its winter time again and Grit9 is running our Winter Sale! With up to 20% off websites and 10% off all photo scanning projects with more than 500 photos!

My Journey -Connor McGinnis

Back when I joined Grit9, I thought that I would have been specializing and working in the web design department. I even offered to teach the web design Grit9 club. However, as time went on and I worked more and more with web design, I found myself not being...

Radio Advertising

Did some recording today for our radio adds to start next week. One is real, the rest are...yeah. Radio Ad (Connor): Radio Ad (AnnaMarie):

VR to 3D Print

Elida High School art teacher Mrs. Johnson created a mug on the HTC Vive in an app called MasterpieceVR, then Grit9 printed it on our Flashforge Finder 3D printer. It was so much fun that we decided to collaborate and have all of her sculpture art students experience...