Grit9 Arcade

Student-made games

In the Game Design course, we use Unity and Ready Maker to make games that require:

  • Prototyping
  • Developer Log
  • Digital Art
  • Programming
  • Level Design

El Poyo Diablo
by Mr. Suter

Description: You are an adventurer named “Plink” that must rectify the wrongs he has done on chickens in a past lifetime. The leader of the Chicken Wang Gang (CWG) is the ominous El Poyo Diablo. Find him, and choose to either beg for mercy or defeat him and his minions once and for all.

Source Code on Github
Play in Browser


Github Desktop with Unity ?

Yep, sync your files to the cloud for sharing, backup, and version control. Follow this tutorial.

Play Unity Games in your Browser?

Yes, you can setup your account to “host” your WebGL build that Unity creates. Follow this tutorial.

Customize Unity PlayGround Games ?

Some modifications we’ve done:

RPG – Deactivate game object once you’ve collected X apples