About Us

Grit9 is student-run business in Elida High School (Elida, OH).

We also are a “tech club” where students can play with VR, 3D Printing, Multimedia, and more.

In short, we push the limits of what students can do, and what society thinks we can do.

Mission Statement

We believe in the triad of learning – CONTENT, WILL, and SKILL:

A foundation of CONTENT, with the WILL to learn, and the SKILL to do it.

We believe education is a lifelong, personal responsibility. No government,teacher, or parent can make you want to learn – it is a choice. Choose to, or pay the opportunity costs (including what you could have done with that knowledge, and who you would become).

In Grit9, you are a young professional – responsible, risk-taking, and resilient. Grit itself is born out of mistakes and the resilience to resolve them and other new problems.

We believe in the value of soft skills like empathy, creativity, and communication.

Conner Smith




Alex Dunahay

Vice President



Chloe Miller



Drew Schultheis

Social Media


Mr. Suter

Grit9 Director

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”



Landon Savill

Grit9 Club Coordinator

“I plan all things Tech Club. If you like it, I did it. If you hate it, blame Mr. Suter.”