Mr. Suter

Grit9 Director

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”




This is Preston, the president of Grit 9. He is interested in web design and becoming a surgeon.



AnnaMarie Rose is a Junior at Elida High School. She is the treasurer of Grit 9. The experience that Grit 9 has provided for her influenced her decision of what  to do after high school. She plans to go to Main Campus OSU and major in business or education.


Noah is a sophomore that joined grit9 to learn more about new technology and further develop his social and soft skills.


Emily is a junior. She wants to learn the soft skills, the business skills, the web design skills and she hopes that this class will help her in the future. She enjoys working on things that are on the computer. She enjoyed the computer application classes that she took with Mr. Suter during her sophmore year. She is a member on the volleyball, swim, and track team, as well as being involved with many other clubs within the school.


Vice President

This is Nick, the Vice President of Grit 9. Nick is a sophomore and is interested in web design and business skills.



Carly is a Junior. She’s in Grit 9 because she can work on her soft skills and learn about business. She enjoys this class because she can grow in a safe environment.


Jack is a junior at Elida. He is excited to finally be in a class he looks forward to daily and can grow in. Jack has started a business in video editing and media production. (


This is Eden, a junior at Elida High School. She’s the head of web design at Grit9 and is interested in stuff like programming and art.