A web design business that gives real world learning opportunities to students.

Design Websites

Grit 9 provides services like designing websites. We can help make a affordable and beautiful website for your company.

Redesign Websites

Is your current site a little…dated? We can help. Whether putting on a new coat of paint, or building from the ground up, we’ll make you look good.

Building young professionals, not just websites.

The best part of working with Grit9? You can have confidence that you are getting more than a website. You’re helping young people shed the moniker of student, and put on their new title of “young professional”.

100% satisfaction

Not satisfied with any part of our work or process? Don’t pay us. Or pay us less. Just make it right and don’t patronize students doing sub-par work. It encourages mediocrity and we’re not into giving participation trophies.
Fail Harder. Fail Faster. Fail Often.*

*Translation: Take the big risk, though you may fail. Execute quickly before polish to find mistakes. Repeat immediately.

My Journey -Connor McGinnis

Back when I joined Grit9, I thought that I would have been specializing and working in the web design department. I even offered to teach the web design Grit9 club. However, as time went on and I worked more and more with web design, I found myself not being...

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Radio Advertising

Did some recording today for our radio adds to start next week. One is real, the rest are...yeah. Radio Ad (Connor): https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/grit9-bucket/connor_ad.mp3 Radio Ad (AnnaMarie): https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/grit9-bucket/anna+ad.wav Radio...

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VR to 3D Print

Elida High School art teacher Mrs. Johnson created a mug on the HTC Vive in an app called MasterpieceVR, then Grit9 printed it on our Flashforge Finder 3D printer. It was so much fun that we decided to collaborate and have all of her sculpture art students experience...

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My Journey- Jack Earl

   November 2nd, 2018 - Current Project: 3d Printer Setup In class currently, I have  been working on the 3d printer and have been given full management of the 3d printer and the area that it resides in. On November 2nd I will be building the filament storage unit...

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My Journey -Nick Niebel

Grit9 Cold Calls Recently in Grit9 a couple of students (including me) have been making cold calls in class. The cold calls are used to connect with small businesses in the area and aid them in certain ways. One of the ways we help them is by walking them through a...

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My Journey-Preston Layman

Recently we have had a few couch talks to figure out what everybody wants. The question was asked, "What do you want to do in this class?" The question was hard and stumped most of us. Our responses we gave were mostly the average answers you would give but we were...

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