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Think Again

Think Again  “Think Again” by Adam Grant teaches the reader how to approach arguments, discussions, and debates differently. Grant explains that we usually default to what he likes to call prosecutor, preacher, or politician mode where, in a discussion, we prosecute the other person’s ideas, preach on how we’re right and they’re wrong, and politick trying to campaign and lobby the person to your side. Adam suggests we should use

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Fixing the Silence

Fixing the Silence The Political Left Thinking independently is difficult in a time were saying the wrong thing can dramatically alter the public perception of a person. In The Authoritarian Moment, by Ben Shapiro, he focusses on exactly how the silent majority was silenced by the political left. Besides the political aspects in this book it is also a great book for understanding manipulation, and how powerful people in the world

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PacMan Returns

Pac-Man Passion Project PacMan Returns Part1 (2-8-22) For my passion project, I recently started programming Pac-man through Unity. I found the tutorials in a previous class, and now with more time, I can finish this beautiful game. The tutorials I found are way beyond my current skill level. As he writes the code, he explains how everything works. The tutorial allows me to understand despite my lack of skill. I

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Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation and mindfulness has become popular in a lot of people’s lives. Mindfulness is simply put as “staying in the present”. The book “Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Street, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday” by Matthew Sockolov gives good exercises to start on your journey of self-help.  Making it Simple “All mindfulness requires from you is to show up and put forth

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The Custom Life of a Tech User

The Custom Life of a Tech User What Makes Everything Run     My passion for a while has been electronics and technology and with that comes with getting the technology! Two years ago I got my first computer and if you know anything about computers for gaming it’s best to build your own, so before prices became outrageous I built my first computer with the help of my friend

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Plight of a Politician

The textbook I chose, Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy, tells about several senators in history who went against their party while doing what they felt was right. One common outcome that all of these people suffer is that after going with their gut and following their hearts, they are regarded as traitors to their party or section.

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